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Heraldic heritage

Distinction, combined with the typical simplicity of the rural world

Galicia’s nobility left its mark on civil and religious architecture. From the Late Middle Ages, the tendency to incorporate the coat of arms as an identifier element of the different noble lines proliferated. They are usually present in manor houses, large houses towers and even in churches and chapels being witnesses of our history.

In the council of Barreiros, there are several outstanding emblazoned houses such as those of Seixo da Veiga (San Xusto de Cabarcos), the San Caetano’s manor house (Celeiro de Mariñaos); the Outeiro’s manor house, the Triana’s manor house, the Pumarín tower-house (these three in San Miguel de Reinante); and the Casa de Rocha in Viladaíde (San Cosme de Barreiros). Although some of them were subject to various reforms throughout history. 

In addition to the building itself, in general the manor and large houses contain other outbuildings dedicated to agricultural or livestock work, such as hórreos (typical raised granaries) , dovecotes, pantries, wells and even bread ovens.

In terms of religious architecture, we can find coats of arms in the Chapel of San Bartolo (San Cosme de Barreiros) and in the main altarpiece of the hermitage of San Caetano (Celeiro de Mariñaos).

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