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Turismo de Barreiros

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North way to Santiago

Most of pilgrims agree that the Camino of Santiago (The Way of Saint James) changes you, when you come back you will not be the same. It is an experience that leads you to rediscover yourself and to change your perception of life.

Barreiros forms part of the first stage of this Jacobean itinerary in Galicia, passing through a rural area of great natural beauty.

After leaving the Council of Ribadeo, you will enter in Barreiros, where you will enjoy our landscapes dominated by green along a stretch of about 8 km before finishing the stage in Lourenzá.

“Ultreia* and good journey!»

*Ultreia is a greeting used among the pilgrims which also server to encourage each other.

Once we enter in Barreiros, from the top, we can see a small valley and, at our feet, Vilamartín Pequeno with its church in honour of San Xoan Degolado. In front of us, following the path, we find Vilamartín Grande, which stands out for the presence of the Chapel da Virxe do Carme, dating from the 17th century. Here we can stamp our credentials and get our strength back thanks to the existence of a private accommodation: Tentempé Peregrino. Before descending to Gondán, the top of Vilamartín Grande can serve as a viewpoint for pilgrims, from where they can enjoy a panoramic view of the Cabarcos Valley.

Did you know that the toponym Cabarcos comes from Cibarcos and that it appears in the oldest surviving medieval document in Spain?

It is a Diploma of King Silo signed in 755 and preserved in the Cathedral of Leon. In it, King Silo makes a donation to several monks to build a monastery in this territory.

And now, we come to Gondán, where we can take a short detour from the Camino to visit the Chapel da Virxe do Pilar. Returning to the Jacobean route, we walk downhill to the parish of nnn. At this point we can make another stop along the way to, once again, recharge our batteries at the Bar-Restaurant A Curva, where it is also possible to get our credentials stamped. Before the church, we find a transept in memory of the Chapel de Bo Suceso and, after that, the parish church. Here we can admire the 18th century Baroque Altarpiece, the pulpit and two confessionals.

From here the pilgrim leaves Barreiros to enter Lourenzá.

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