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Parties and events

Are you a party lover?

In Barreiros you will find a variety of parties and events where you will experience the repertory of culture and traditions of this territory. Their themes are varied, but the parties with religious and cultural origins stand out. In a lot of them you will also be able to affordably enjoy some of the regional products of the rich Galician gastronomy. The music is guaranteed.

Some of the most popular are the Entroido (Carnival), the San Rosendo fair, the Augas Santas historical festival, the Emigrant International Folkloric festival (considered a party of Galician Touristic Interest) or the San Bartolo party, among others. 

There are also other dates that are of cultural and sport interest throughout the year, with an activity plan made for everyone and with theatre, music, exhibitions or sport competitions.


Holidays and festive dates


Forty days before Easter Thursday.

San Cosme de Barreiros.

One of the most traditional celebrations in Galicia. In order to enjoy this collective fun, besides tasting some of the delicacies of this time of the year such as cocido or typical desserts (orellas, roscas and filloas), you should dress up and participate in some of the scheduled activities. Some of these are the nocturnal parade, which is held during the Friday night of the “Semana Grande” (festivities week), where people from all around the surroundings participate. You will also see the traditional giants and big-heads (xigantes and cabezudos).

San Rosendo fair

First week of March.

San Miguel de Reinante.

The main day of this celebration with deep popular roots is on Sunday, when a horse livestock fair is held, as well as a market where different food and artisanal products are sold. Octopus, traditional music and night parties never fail to appear! A solemn mass with a procession is held on both days.

Augas Santas historical festival

End of June. 

Natural and archeological space of Santo Estevo do Ermo – San Cosme of Barreiros.

Festive and historical date where the high medieval period, which is the origin of this place, is recreated. The participants dress up with historical clothing and enjoy some of the scheduled activities, such as a traditional market with artisanal products, traditional dance and music, routes, rustic lunches and dinner, traditional games for everyone and Celtic weddings. Without a doubt, the most important act is the staging of the Rei Silo document* delivery to the monks for the construction of a monastery between the Masma and Eo rivers.

*Oldest preserved document in Spain and directly linked with this territory.

Emigrant international folkloric festival

First Saturday of August.

San Miguel de Reinante.

It is considered a party of Galician Touristic Interest due to its roots and singularity and it is organized by the folkloric organisation O Arco da Vella. There, some exhibitions of traditional dances and music of Galicia, Spain and other countries take place, which constitute an important sample of cultural diversity. These events start on Friday with the Foliada do Emigrante (the emigrant party), where different traditional music groups perform in order to enliven the evening.

San Bartolo parties

24th August (main celebration).

San Bartolo – San Cosme of Barreiros

These celebrations, known as “festas do veraneante” (vacationer parties) because they serve as a goodbye to summer. They are held near the chapel with the same name, which is located near the Barreiros coast. The main celebration is on the 24th of August and it’s a local holiday. Still, the acts happen throughout several days. They usually start with a big sardine feast during the afternoon of the first day. Amusement rides, the traditional vermouth sessions and night parties never fail to appear! During San Bartolo day a mass is held, as well as a procession from the chapel to the beach, to pay homage to the people who died in the coast. Traditionally, people from all over Barreiros and its surroundings used to come, and families would have a picnic on the fields and beach.

Other popular festivities

San Xulián party in Vilamar

Weekend closest to the 20th of May.

Vilamar – San Xusto de Cabarcos.

Some of the most notable activities are the octopi degustation and the skirt steak on Friday.

Santo Estevo of Pagá procession

End of May – beginning of June. A Barranca – San Miguel de Reinante.

Traditional country pilgrimage with the usual tasting of chorizos and empanada.

San Xoan Degolado party

Mid-June. Vilamartin Pequeno.

It highlights the tasting of cottage cheese during the popular meal.


San Pedro party

Weekend closest to the 29th of June.

San Pedro de Benquerencia.

Santo Estevo of Ermo romería (pilgrimage)

First Saturday of July.

Santo Estevo do Ermo – San Cosme de Barreiros.

Some of the most notable activities are the rustic dinner and the traditional game session.

Virxe do Carme party-romeria

Saturday after the Carmen day (July 16th). Arealonga Beach – San Miguel de Reinante.

Santa Cristina party

24th and 25th of July.

Celeiro de Mariñaos.

Apostle James party

 24th and 25th of July.

Santiago de Reinante.

San Xulián and Corpus Christi of Cabarcos party

End of July.

San Xulián de Cabarcos.

San Xusto and San Pastor party

Around the 6th of August.

 San Xusto de Cabarcos.

The most important event is the concurred procession, where fourteen images are shown.


Mid-August. Area of San Bartolo – San Cosme de Barreiros.

Explosion of color with Holi powders and summer carnival.

San Caetano procession and Tortilla party

Middle August.

Lugar de San Caetano – Celeiro de Mariñaos.

Traditional country pilgrimage. Some of the most notable activities are the tortilla contest and the traditional “baile do farolillo” (“the lantern dance”)

Fried Egg Festival

August 14th. O Cascabeiro Football Field – San Cosme de Barreiros.

San Roque party

16th of August.

San Cosme de Barreiros.

San Cosme party

Around the 26th of September.

San Cosme de Barreiros.

San Miguel party

Weekend closest to the 29th of September.

San Miguel de Reinante.

Sports events

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If you are a sports lover, in Barreiros you have your place. Throughout the year there are 6 popular races framed in the +KmsBarreiros circuit. Each one presents its uniqueness and takes place in a different environment covering spaces of great scenic beauty.

Many of them have a walking version and children’s modalities so that the whole family can participate.

Take note and don’t miss any!