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Endless beaches with fine, white sand

Without a doubt, the tourist icons of Barreiros are its immense beaches of fine white sand. There are eight kilometers of consecutive beaches from the neighboring As Catedrais beach, in Ribadeo, to the Foz-Masma ria. This landscape is amazing not only to watch, but also to perform active tourism activities and to enjoy the mild northern temperatures.

Long and relaxing walks

Here you’ll be able to go on long and relaxing walks while feeling the sea breeze and the wet sand under your feet, or have family fun while you enjoy its ample and uncrowded space.

Rich biodiversity

Besides being a leisure area, it’s also a great place to observe different geological formations, as well its wide biodiversity. Both the beaches and the cliff are inhabited by interesting animal and plant communities that live in different places depending on the tide, the sea splash, the wind or the substrate.

Sea, source of health.

Another cherished characteristic of this sea water is its iodine. Thanks to the diverse seaweed, our seaside is one of the most iodized in Spain. People from inner Galicia used to come here to take their September baths, named “As Carolas”, which they would take because of the healing properties of this mineral.

Great promenade

The extensive promenade, which is part of the Camino Natural del Cantábrico (Natural Way Route of the Cantabrian Sea), is a good option for the encounter with the sea since the route becomes a perfect viewpoint on this coast.

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