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Religious heritage


Throughout the centuries many numerous churches and chapels, some of which have disappeared, were the centre of the religious life of Barreiros. The result is a rich heritage that reflects the different architectural and artistic trends prevailing throughout history.

Barreiros has nine churches and numerous chapels scattered throughout the territory. Most of these secular constructions are in the rural Galician Baroque style. Sometimes the original building belongs to earlier periods and styles, and only a few primitive vestiges are preserved. They are small temples, characterised by their simplicity of form. Often, there are notable examples of Baroque altarpieces in their interiors.

Although all of them have an important cultural value, from an artistic point of view the churches of San Pedro de Benquerencia and San Xusto de Cabarcos stand out. The former one highlights because of its wall paintings and the latter because of the notoriety of its altarpieces, pulpit and confessionals.

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