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Barreiros in 3 days

Before your arrival, don’t forget to:

  • Check the tide table and make your reservation* if you wish to visit the Natural Monument “As Catedrais” beach, located in the neighbouring city Ribadeo. You can walk there without a problem since it’s the beach next to Arealonga.

*Free mandatory reservation during the Holy Week and July, August and September.

  • Check out our cultural schedule to see our leisure proposals, whether cultural, sportive or festive.

Day 1

If you’re only going to stay in Barreiros for three days, the ideal plan to start your vacation is a stroll on foot or by bike through our coast. There are 8 km of beaches surrounded by two protected natural spaces: the Special Area of Conservation: As Catedrais and the Special Protection Area (SPA) Foz-Masma ria. You should take a walk while you listen to the sea sounds, smell the saltpetre aroma and allow the sea breeze to caress your face. If you decide to take off your shoes and step on the fine white sand of our endless beaches, don’t forget to stay alert to check out sea snails, or even the interesting geological formations and multiple living organisms that live in our coasts, from sea birds to molluscs and plants (it’s forbidden to collect them).

It’s time to open our mouths to eat your favorite snack on one of the restaurants and bars and next, taste the rich Galician gastronomy. It’s a natural pantry of seafood, fish, meat and vegetables, as well as the tasty milk from our farms, which is the main ingredient of our countless sweet or salty recipes.

After resting, it’s time to meet the huge Barreiros cultural heritage, for which we propose a visit to towns such as San Cosme, San Miguel de Reinante, Santiago de Reinante or to Viladaíde. In any of these you will find a perfect combination of heritage traces, among which we can highlight the indiano and ethnographic heritage, but you will also find beautiful displays of our heraldic, religious or archeological heritage.

After an interesting day exploring Barreiros there is nothing better than treating yourself with resting and relaxing on this rural environment. Here, you will find a great accommodation selection, whose hosts will for sure make you feel at home.

Day 2

We will begin our second day with a nature immersion that will blow your mind. We propose a visit to the natural and cultural space of Santo Estevo do Ermo. A place to experience with your five senses. Among the lush and fragile local vegetation, you will find a small path that will bring you to the millenary chapel, the waterfall and the miraculous water fountains. 

This trip won’t be complete unless you try out our prestigious Galician wines on our bars, or innovative drinks such as vermouths, gin, sangria and others, which are all made from the different varieties of Galician grapes. Or a craft beer, why not? Just remember you can always ask for the alcohol-free versions. After the snacks, your body will for sure want a traditional meal, one that is cooked slowly, simply and with the best ingredients.

If adventure is your thing, don’t forget to check out our Active Tourism page, and enjoy the Barreiros that remains in you thanks to the different experiences and sport modalities. Without even leaving Barreiros you will be able to go surfing and its varieties, as well as paragliding or earth-bound activities such as hiking or birdwatching

Did you know that the North Santiago Way goes through the Barreiros municipality and we’re part of its first stage in Galicia?

To end the day, you can go through a tapas route or a more informal dinner without giving up on the quality of the Galician products. 

Day 3

You can’t leave Barreiros without seeing the Mount Penabor and Mount Comado viewpoints, both classified as Galician Special Landscape Interest Areas. From there you will be able to admire the coast landscape of the A Mariña Lucense and even the neighboring region Asturias in just a single glance.

After enjoying your dinner, you may not want to go without enjoying a fun or relaxing beach session, making the most of our big and uncrowded beaches. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can check out our cultural schedule and thus saying goodbye with a very complete experience.

+ than 3 days

In case that you are preparing a longer stay, here you can consult all the proposals that await you in A Mariña Lucense, a diverse and authentic territory to visit at any time of the year.

Thank you for coming to meet us! We will be waiting to see you again!