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Arealonga beach

It borders the As Catedrais beach and it’s the first beach travelers find when they travel from Ribadeo. It’s quite long and its area is bigger than a kilometer. Its name, which means “long sand”, comes from its size.

There is a dune system between the beach and the promenade which, despite being substantially eroded, has a unique environmental value since it’s considered a habitat of communal interest. Because of this, it’s part of the Special Conservation Area SPA “As Catedrais.

In this beach there’s a bog which still preserves the remains of an antique forest that is around 8000 years old. It’s a good place to go birdwatching, as it’s frequent for birds such as seagulls and waders to rest there.

While walking through the promenade that connects this beach to the Pasada one we can see the remains of a castro, a type of fortification from the Iron Age, located on the “Punta do Castro”.