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Penabor viewpoint

The Penabor viewpoint is located at 334 metres above sea level, and is catalogued as a Special Landscape Interest Area of Galicia.It allows us to appreciate, the capital of the council and, in the background, the eight kilometres of Barreiros beaches.

But the natural beauty that will probably capture all our attention will be the Masma estuary. From here, its dimensions, shapes and colours open up to our eyes. The appearance of this landscape will vary according to the time of year, the time of day, the state of the tide and, of course, depending on the weather; because in some ways the landscape is also alive.

If we continue looking west, we will be able to go along the coast of the “Mariña Lucense” to Burela. First, we reach Foz, on the other side of the estuary, and further on we will see Burela.Inland we find mountains as representative as Pico (Mountain peak) de Cornería (432m) or Pico (Mountain peak) da Frouxeira (426 m).

Facing south, one can sense, behind the mountains, the spirit of the Camiño Norte de Santiago (North Way to Santiago), which crosses the Val de Cabarcos from east to west.

As in other mountains in the council, the vegetation is mainly made up of eucalyptus, pine trees and gorses among which live roe deer, foxes, wild boars, or squirrel, among others.

It is worth mentioning the existence in this area of the Atlantic humid heath, a typical habitat ofhumid or puddly and acidic substrates due to peat moss formation processes. 

These are scrubs that are almost always dominated by heath of peat moss accompanied by other heath. They usually form mosaics in the landscape, occupying areas with little slope or depressions in the ground where water accumulates. It outstands the presence of Erica Mackaiana.


Option 1: If we go up from San Cosme, taking the LU-P-0608 towards “A Insua” and then the LU-P- 6103 towards Trabada, after 3 km we will find the turn-off on the left.

Option 2: From the N-634 road in “San Pedro de Benquerencia” we connect directly with the LU-P-6103 towards “A Trabada”. The distance to the turn-off to Penabor is 4 km.

Once we have taken the turn-off to the viewpoint, we can leave the car there and walk up to the top of the mountain (about 1,2 km) or we can also go up by car, as there is a car park at the top.

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