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Turismo de Barreiros

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Natural Path of the Cantabrian

This path, which can be explored on foot or by bicycle, is part of the National Natural Path Network.  It’s more than 150 km long, which are distributed between 7 different stages throughout the coast of the regions of Lugo and A Coruña. 

Barreiros is part of the second stage, which begins on the natural monument As Catedrais beach (Ribadeo) and ends on the neighboring town Foz. It is 21 km long in total. 

Most of the path along the Barreiros coast goes through the promenade that links the Arealonga and Altar beaches (8.5 km). On this stage, the traveler leaves behind a number of beautiful and vast beaches until they reach the mouth of the Masma river, which forms the Foz-Masma ria. From this point onwards the path goes along the edge of the ria, through the paved tracks or ways, until it reaches the Foz municipality.

During this stretch, the hiker is able to enjoy the beauty and environmental wealth of two protected natural environments included under the Natura 2000 network that frame the coast of Barreiros: the Special Protection Area (SPA) As Catedrais, which reaches the Lóngara beach, and the Special Protection Area (SPA) Foz-Masma ria, which dives the Barreiros and Foz municipalities.

Useful information

Barreiros reach distance:

Total: 14Km (Arealonga beach – Espiñeira bridge)
Promenade: 8,5Km (Arealonga beach– Altar beach)
Ria reach: 5,5Km (Altar beach – Espiñeira bridge)