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Comado viewpoint

The “Alto of Comado”, situated at an altitude of 468 metres, is an excellent natural viewpoint catalogued as a Special Landscape Interest Area of Galicia. On the clearest days, this viewpoint offers views of the “Rasa Cantábrica”, from Burela, passing through Foz, the eight kilometres of beaches of Barreiros, Ribadeo, and also Tapia de Casariego (Asturias). It also provides us with views of farming areas like Noceda or Mondigo mountain (both in Ribadeo).

It is also an ideal place for go paragliding. , as it is considered the reference area for the practise of this sport in A Mariña Lucense. It is an excellent place for gentle descents to the sandy areas in two-seater flights suitable for everyone. In addition, depending on the weather, there are many days when you can go some distance flying along the coast enjoying the marvellous views of the “Rasa Cantábrica”, our beaches and the natural area of “As Catedrais”.

In this mountain we can find Atlantic humid heath, a type of habitat more frequent in the Cantabrian cornice and a typical of humid or damp and acidic soils, coming into contact with peat bogs. They mainly occupy mid-mountain areas where water accumulates. It is worth mentioning the presence of Erica Mackaiana.

Less than 500 metres inland we come to the “Alto of Penalonga”, which, at 516 metres high, forms the border with the municipality of Ribadeo and offers us spectacular panoramas.


To climb to this viewpoint over the coast, it is important to choose a clear day and warm clothes.

We will get to the centre of San Miguel de Reinante to take the road that goes over Remourelle and passes in front of the local school. At about 3,5 km, we will find the signpost to the detour to “Monte Comado”. If we come by car, we will leave it at this point at the side of the road. We will walk up to the top of the mountain (approximate distance: 2 km). The walk will be worth it.

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